Wind Farm

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Re: Wind Farm

por JHB » 23 May 2009, 00:55

It is a shame that our village cannot be approached from any direction without seeing the growing number of wind turbines. Would solar panels not have been kinder on our skyline?

It was such a shame that when we went to the campo, for the Romeria, that as you looked back to SdY the once beautiful view had been spoiled. Fortunately it is the people that make a village and they have not changed. Wind turbines or not SdY is a great place to live. :roll:

Re: Wind Farm

por Maria Luisa » 22 May 2009, 11:01

Maybe this is a solution to the problem ?


Re: Wind Farm

por basthet » 22 May 2009, 10:27



Re: Wind Farm

por gerritwouter » 21 May 2009, 19:59

Dear sjrw,

You have a very "grey/black" view of future, I must say. :roll:

A windpark generated a lot of paperwork, and no faceless man somewhere in Malaga, rubberstamped any of the 1000th of plans and permits and
escrituras of the grounds. Everything is carefully considerated, planned and finally signed by the Junta de Andalucia and governament of Spain,knowing
exactly where these parks are built. :lol:
They are not beautyfull,but you grow used to see them after a while, or do you prefer a "lovely"nuclear central in these neighbourhoods ? :twisted:

Welcome aboard anyway.....! :P

Re: Wind Farm

por basthet » 21 May 2009, 11:25

Could'nt agree with you more. We will be surrounded by them very shortly !


Wind Farm

por sjrw » 20 May 2009, 15:25

Wind turbines are a graceful and aesthetically pleasing way of extracting power from the elements. A line of them can be an impressive sight. Two lines of them, however, viewed from anywhere but the front or the side, can look a little messy, as do the ones southwest of our village over the hill. Those appear from over here to have been planted randomly, even though they are fairly regularly spaced.

Wind power is good. If you have the wind, extract the power!! But many of these wind turbines are in positions where they can be seen by villages without directly impacting on the view from the villagers' windows. If the proposed new "El Puntal" wind farm is simply going to peep over the top of our mountain and look at the village, then fine, but if it is due to be planted on our side of the mountain, then why has a nameless, faceless Malaga official, who probably doesn't even know where we are, been allowed to rubber-stamp the transformation of a picturesque village into a "wind farm with adjoining village"?

How are 13 wind turbines and a number of control buildings going to look as they peer ominously down from a position directly above our village?
The Urbanistic Section of the Provincial Comission in Malaga has officially appproved the building of the so-called "El Puntal" windfarm in the "Sierra de los Caballos" in Sierra de Yeguas (a protected area). Approval was published in the Boletin Oficial de la Junta de Adalucia.

13 turbines together with several control buildings are planned plus a 16 Km high voltage line connecting SdY to Estepa.
I am sure we will still have power cuts when we least expect them, even with all these electricity producing behemoths within walking distance.
I am sure the price of electricity will not fall - it might even go up as they make us pay for the building of them.
It all makes me wonder whose back pocket is getting fatter.