Drinking water?

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Re: Drinking water?

por Foreign Community » 02 Jun 2010, 20:11

Please refer to our webpage / Foreign Community for the latest on the drinking water situation - Thank you.

Re: Drinking water?

por basthet » 14 May 2010, 13:36

Correct but we want to see proof of this, namely the results of the analysis ! Will keep you informed.

Re: Drinking water?

por Guest » 14 May 2010, 12:14

There are notices from the Mayor, around the town, that the water in SDY is safe.

Re: Drinking water?

por Foreign Community » 25 Feb 2010, 18:55

The info published on both Spanish and English versions of our website was taken from articles published in the local media. We´ll enquire with the councillor in charge if environmental matters (next week) and see what he has got to say. One of the problems at our townhall is that, if you do not talk to the right person, you won´t get a satisfactory answer. Some staffmembers do not know what´s going on regarding this type of subjects !
Watch this space and the web as soon as a (plausible) answer is obtained.

Drinking water?

por Joc » 24 Feb 2010, 20:47

In the autumn, this website published information from an environmental services report which described the water in Sierra de Yeguas as 'agua con mala calidad', containing nitrates from pesticides and fertilisers and other contaminants. When I asked about it in the town hall today, however, I was told that there is no problem with our water at all (although, they said, there is in Navahermosa). I had been thinking that it would be wiser to use bottled water even in the kettle and for cooking - but is that an unnecessary expense? Does anyone have any hard facts that would inform an answer, please?