Antisocial Behaviour

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Antisocial Behaviour

Mensaje sin leer por sjrw » 28 Jun 2009, 16:54

Bin overturned corner of C/ Seguidillas opposite playground and contents spilled onto road.
Street lights broken around playground.
Stones and other projectiles left lying beneath the lamps hazardous to children on the playground.
Glass and plastic lamp covers left lying beneath the lamps hazardous to children on the playground.
Small bin on playground ripped off its fixing.
Plastic bottle bin pulled over and contents spilled onto road by mobile homes C/ Seneca.
Street lights broken from wedding party hall down to C/Seneca and all along C/ Seneca.

I would like to bring to the attention of the residents, Town Hall and Policia Local my concern as to the vandalism that goes on at the lower end of our beautiful village, near to the football stadium, making it less beautiful and, to some extent, more dangerous.

Over recent months we have watched as the childrens' play area has been turned into a wonderful place full of freshly planted trees and bushes. Many locals' families choose to sit and enjoy the area during the day and evening. Unfortunately the area also attracts the local vandals who, on a regular basis, (especially during weddings, parties and ferias,) visit the play area late at night and damage the bins, smash lights and sometimes tip the childrens' slide over. They also target the area as a whole, tipping waste bins and bottle banks over, throwing stones at the mobile homes and smashing the street lighting. The lights around the play area are replaced on a regular basis, only for the vandals to repeat the process. How much is this costing the village?

This is mainly an immigrant area and a number of residents are beginning to wonder if the criminal behaviour is aimed at the immigrant population; or is it simply young thugs lacking in parental control or guidance being anti-social. Either way surely it must stop; and the only way to begin the process is to have some form of intervention from the town hall and local police. If the thugs see high profile local police patrolling and, at least, appearing serious about doing the job they are paid for (preferably on foot) in the area during weddings, parties and ferias, then these young thugs are less likely to display their anti-social behaviours.

Action needs to be taken before someone gets hurt, whether it be small children or animals being cut by all the broken glass, adults being hit by flying missiles, or the vandals themselves as they throw their heavy projectiles. We can all do our bit by recording and reporting these acts of vandalism to the town hall and local police EVERY time they occur, but the only way to stop this dreadful waste of village money and provide a safe place for us all to live is for police intervention.
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When will the Town Hall and the policia Local do something for the RESIDENT ciudadanos at the bottom of the village?
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